Terms and Conditions


The following are terms and conditions as regards the ThreeFix device repair covers

1. Each subscription is automatically renewed either monthly, quarterly or yearly.

2. You must have been on any subscription plan for more than a month before repairs can be carried out on your device. This is to ensure that devices are not already damaged before a user subscribes

3. Only device that are 3 years or newer can be covered by ThreeFix repair insurance.

4. Repairs are only carried out as long as your subscription is still valid for that month.

5. All repairs must be economically viable i.e. We will only carry out repairs as long as the cost of that repair is not more than 50% of the cost of buying a new version of that device.

6. We do not cover loss of phones by subscribers.

7. We do not cover loss of data when phone is under repair. All subscribers are advised to back up their data to an external source as all data can be lost in the process of repairing your device.